2015 GPF Conference Highlights 

Day 1 Highlights

Blog: Day One of GPF 2015


More than one billion people worldwide still live in poverty. Promoting shared prosperity for these individuals — fostering broad-based growth and sustained poverty reduction – will require marshaling the collective energies of the public, private and social sectors. Read more.

Day 2 Highlights

Blog: Day Two of GPF 2015


During their plenary session, Stella Dawson, Justin Dillon, Nina Smith, Dan Viederman and moderator Randy Newcomb highlighted approaches to restructuring global supply chains so that they empower rather than subjugate those embedded within the markets they shape or the cultures they influence. Read more.

Day 3 Highlights

Blog: Day Three of GPF 2015


How can the private sector be a more effective and efficient partner in development? The key, according to plenary speakers Gavin Wilson, Christianna Wood, Frederic Sicre, Mirza Jahani and moderator Jane Nelson, is ensuring that private capital helps to mobilize the collective energy of all sectors. Read more.

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