This year’s Conference will focus on global challenges where business, philanthropy and government have clear positive roles to play — both separately and collectively. Program tracks, teed up by plenary panels and analyzed deeply during Working Group sessions will consider methods for combating large-scale social problems — from cleaning up supply chains, to strengthening health systems, to mobilizing private capital flows for development. And chronic and acute challenges, such as modern-day slavery, disease outbreaks and extreme weather events, will be studied so as to understand the ways in which business, government and philanthropic prevention and response strategies can be applied and potentially combined.

Throughout the Conference, the unique pressures on and requirements of each sector will be acknowledged, as will the need for communication and coordination among them. But most importantly, all of the conversations will begin with the assumption that regardless of one’s profession, positions of authority or source of expertise, each individual can play a role — and that role may be one of disruptor, decision maker or both.


Livestream Schedule 

Wednesday, April 22
11:00 AM
Disruptors and Decision Makers: It Takes Us All

1:00 PM  
Global Trends, Risks and Rewards — Where Are We Now, Where Are We Going?

1:20 PM
Coming Together to Support Communities in Times of Crisis

 2:40 PM 
Harnessing the Power of Invention

8:00 PM
A Competition Between Systems: Good Governance or Corruption

Thursday, April 23
9:00 AM
Leveraging Market Systems for Good: Transforming Global Supply Chains and Protecting those Within — The Case of Slavery

1:00 PM
Special Address

2:30 PM
A Tri-sector Approach to Sustainable Development

8:00 PM
Leveraging the Disruptive Power of the Internet

Friday, April 24
8:30 AM
Catalyzing Private Capital Flows for Development

10:00 AM 
Building Capacity: Strengthening Health Systems

Living Philanthropic Values; Maintaining a “Listening Ear”

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