2014 GPF - Global Goals, Citizen Solutions

April 23 - 25, 2014

Governments can set goals, mobilize resources and coordinate action. But to combat poverty in all of its dimensions and meet ambitious new development goals, they must join forces with citizen innovators from the private and social sectors and take into account the role that both human nature and human ingenuity can play. In the process public, private and social sector actors are redefining:

Leadership and Citizenship
Philanthropy and Learning
Markets and Value
Service and Society
Development itself

Join us in exploring global goals and citizen solutions — and the process of redefinition.

Featured Speakers

Gro Brundtland

Former Prime Minister of Norway

Nabil Fahmy

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arab Republic of Egypt

Laurene Powell Jobs

Founder & Chair
Emerson Collective

Jim Yong Kim

World Bank Group

Reeta Roy

President and CEO
The MasterCard Foundation

Darren Walker

Ford Foundation

Featured Talks

Citizen Solution: Redefining Philanthropy

Darren Walker, Jane Wales

GPF President and CEO Jane Wales took the stage for a fascinating and crowd-pleasing conversation with Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, who Wales described as someone with the unique ability to combine strategy and heart. The personal conversation began with Walker talking about his childhood and how it motivates his

Goal: Conferring Dignity while Leveraging Demographic Change

Wesley Grubbs, Toby Porter, David Bloom, Kennedy Odede, Tsitsi Masiyiwa

The third plenary of Day 1 began with an ingenuity spark from Wesley Grubbs, the founder of Pitch Interactive, who stressed the importance of visualizing data to show impact. He walked the audience through an impressive visualization of one hundred million 311 calls and what they reveal about New York

In Conversation: Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy and Redefining Service and Society

Nabil Fahmy, Gro Brundtland, Jane Wales

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahmy joined Moderator, Jane Wales on stage for a candid conversation on the current state of Egypt. “I can think of virtually no other moment during my adult lifetime when leadership was more needed,” noted Wales. Fahmy discussed the many factors that call for change in