Global Goals, Citizen Solutions

Governments can set goals, mobilize resources and coordinate action. But to combat poverty in all of its dimensions and meet ambitious new development goals, they must join forces with citizen innovators from the private and social sectors and take into account the role that both human nature and human ingenuity can play. In the process public, private and social sector actors are redefining:

  • Leadership and Citizenship
  • Philanthropy and Learning
  • Markets and Value
  • Service and Society
  • Development itself

Join us in exploring global goals and citizen solutions — and the process of redefinition.

Live stream the conference starting April 23
Highlights from past conferences
2013 GPF - Day 1 Highlights
2013 GPF - Day 2 Highlights
2013 GPF - Day 3 Highlights

If you would like to nominate other philanthropists, foundation leaders and social investors who can both learn from and share with the GPF community, please contact Britt-Marie Alm at

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