Private Webinar: Funding at the Intersection of Climate and Racial Justice

The Global Philanthropy Forum and Climate Leadership Initiative are co-hosting a private, interactive discussion open to philanthropists interested in climate grant-making. On Wednesday, August 26th at 9:00 AM, Join Melanie Allen, Co-Director of Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice; Roger Kim, Executive Director of the Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund; and Solomé Lemma,…

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Women & Girls

Webinar with CARE: Gendered Dimensions of COVID-19

The Global Philanthropy Forum is pleased to host a webinar on the Gendered Dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic with leaders from CARE. Join us via Zoom on Friday, May 8th from 12:00 to 12:45 PT to learn about the unique challenges women and girls face and the insights they can offer in response to this…

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Day Three of #GPF19

As philanthropists start to discover the imperative of working more closely together as partners, they are coming up against their own culture of autonomous and often unilateral work in their own areas of special interest. The third day of GPF started out with a panel that advocated for learning while giving, taking advantage of domain…

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Day Two of #GPF19

Our second day opened with a special breakfast session where a Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation team shared lessons from the front lines about how their social entrepreneurs are working in communities around the world to develop creative and impactful solutions. Debra Cleaver of Vote.org, Natalie Bridgeman Fields of Accountability Counsel, Moy Eng of the Community…

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Day One of #GPF19

This year’s conference is focused on the imperative of reclaiming democracy and how the next generation will give vitality to democratic norms and modernize democratic institutions. The plenary sessions will feature different actors and how they are helping to solve the big problems of the day through technology, collaboration, communication and sharing of information. Michael…

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