Jane Day 3

Day Three of #GPF18

The final day of the 2018 Global Philanthropy Forum was about connecting the dots. Whether it’s digital media and democracy, climate change and conflict, or hunger and health, speakers emphasized the importance of understanding the relationships between issues in order to craft effective solutions. Digital and social media have upended not only the news industry,…

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Dikembe and Valerie

Day Two of #GPF18

During day two of the 2018 Global Philanthropy Forum, speakers dove into the details of effective strategies. It’s critical to understand issues from the perspectives of those who experience injustices and amplify their voices. Lasting success often involves changing the underlying cultures and systems that enable abuses to occur in the first place. Strategy is…

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Global Philanthropy Forum at the Pullman Hotel in Redwood City, CA. May 2, 2018.            Photo by Ken Cedeno

Day One of #GPF18

Last year, the Global Philanthropy Forum focused on the trust deficit. This year, the conversation continues with a focus on repairing that trust using social capital and individual agency. The first day of the 2018 Global Philanthropy Forum was about responsibility, collaboration and the urgency to act. Global Philanthropy Forum calls for human agency and…

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Day Three of #GPF17

While media has been under attack recently, it holds great potential for driving change by tackling human and civil rights abuses. At the same time, technology has made it possible for everyday citizens experiencing and witnessing abuses to share their stories, building grassroots social movements. How do we foster accountability and trust in our sources…

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Day Two of #GPF17

The era of western global dominance is fading, and a new global order is being defined. At the same time that many countries are turning inward, global conflicts are on the rise, hitting the world’s most vulnerable populations the hardest. Day two of the 2017 Global Philanthropy Forum was devoted to engaging different actors to…

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