Building your Nonprofit’s Sustainability Cycle

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Nonprofit professionals are used to defying expectations and taking calculated risks. This mentality is at the foundation of transforming nonprofits into self-financing ventures. With the right process and tools, nonprofits can harness their strengths to create diverse funding streams and maximize impact.

Profits for Nonprofits presents six-week modules designed for organizations interested in creating a self-financing business concept; validating their existing business concept; and launching the self-financing business concept to grow revenues and scale impact.

In this very practical course, nonprofit leaders build their own business plans, receive hands-on individual coaching, and collaborate with a global cohort of nonprofit executives. Profits for Nonprofits builds on NESsT’s twenty-year track record in training and coaching more than 14,000 nonprofit organizations in 55 countries to identify new sources of revenue.


Find course descriptions and reserve your spot by December 16th by going to  Please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with questions.