African Philanthropy Forum

The African Philanthropy Forum (APF) seeks to build and continuously expand a learning community of Africa’s strategic philanthropists and social investors committed to inclusive and sustainable economic development throughout the continent; to embed that community in a larger, global network of strategic philanthropists and development experts who share their goals; and, through educational programs and match-making services, to inform, enable, and enhance the development impact of their giving and investing. The APF is an affiliate of the Global Philanthropy Forum. Learn more from the APF in the video series Why Give, featuring APF philanthropist profiles and their website.

Brazilian Philanthropy Forum


Launched in partnership with the Instituto para o Desenvolvimento do Investimento Social (IDIS) in São Paulo, Brazil, the Brazilian Philanthropy Forum (BPF) is a joint initiative of IDIS and the Global Philanthropy Forum. BPF aims to connect Brazilian philanthropists and social investors with each other to build a learning community, and to inform and enable the strategic nature of their giving. It is intended to promote peer learning among donors in Brazil and to connect them to key issues, to effective strategies, to experts and to local and international leaders who seek innovative solutions to address social and development challenges.

Previous speakers at the BPF included Elie Horn, Board President, Instituto Cyrela and signatory to the Giving Pledge; Guilherme Leal, Co-Founder, Natura; José Luiz Egydio Setúbal, President, Fundação José Luiz Egydio Setúbal; Ana Lucia Villela, President, Instituto Alana; Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, Founder, Instituto Gerdau; Swanee Hunt, President Hunt Alternative Funds; Beatriz Gerdau Johanpeter, Director, Instituto Gerdau; Regina Vidigal Guarita, Former President of Fundação Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal; Peter Buffett, President NoVo Foundation; Viviane Senna, Founder Instituto Ayrton Senna; Lester Solomon, John Hopkins University; Carol Civita, Fundação Victor Civita; Peter Eigen, Transparency International and many others. Learn more.

Past Affiliates 

Philanthropy in Asia Summit

PIA-summit-01In much of Asia, tremendous wealth has been created offering new opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods. Yet, Asia remains home to two thirds of the world’s poorest and inequality continues to grow. The combination creates both the opportunity and the need for strategic philanthropy.

Philanthropy is not new to Asia; generous community leaders have played a pivotal role in contributing to the common good, acting as champions for social projects.

Today, the landscape of giving in Asia has changed – yet not in all ways. Old issues require new perspectives, while new issues have emerged. A growing number of Asians, impacted and influenced by globalization and empowered by new possibilities, see themselves playing a greater role in contributing to the betterment of Asia and the world.

It is in this vein that the Philanthropy In Asia (PIA), a network-based strategic initiative, was established. This biannual invitation-only event aims to mobilize Asian philanthropy to be not only expressions of altruism, but a source of sustainable impact and positive change.

PIA’s mission is to be the platform for Asian philanthropists to network, learn, and collaborate in transformative giving. Its vision is that a new cadre of Asian Philanthropic leaders will be impact-oriented, transparent, collaborative, and champions of best philanthropy practices.

PIA’s goals include:

  • The commitment of Asian philanthropists, foundations, and thought-leaders to impactful philanthropy;
  • The formation of a vibrant, well-connected, multi-lateral, well-informed, and collaborative philanthropic community;
  • Strong collaborative relationships built on transparency, sharing, and interaction among community members. Learn more.