Day 3 of #GPF2020

As philanthropists learn the importance and complexity of climate change, the question of how to best tackle the many challenges without becoming overwhelmed or fatigued came into focus on the final day of the 2020 Global Philanthropy Forum. We dove right into concrete actions we can take to make sustainable change, and experts shared what they’ve learned in the climate change space so we can move forward swiftly and effectively.

Bill Mckibben, founder of, began by stressing the importance of grassroots power in environmental justice. “When people are engaged,” he said, “that’s when things really coalesce.” He is hopeful about  youth activists who have galvanized a new generation of climate advocates, but he cautioned us not  to underestimate the value of older people in this movement. “The next challenge may not be with young people, but with older people. We have a huge pool for underutilized potential activists. Figuring out how to bring them in this fight…is a crucial determinant.”