Day Three of GPF 2015

Catalyzing Private Capital Flows for Development
How can the private sector be a more effective and efficient partner in development? The key, according to plenary speakers Gavin Wilson, Christianna Wood, Frederic Sicre, Mirza Jahani and moderator Jane Nelson, is ensuring that private capital helps to mobilize the collective energy of all sectors. The panelists discussed how blended capital and cross-sector partnerships can stimulate investment activity in emerging markets, and how financial innovation can help entrepreneurs join the economic mainstream. “It’s not just about blended finance,” added Frederic Sicre, Managing Director at The Abraaj Group, “it’s about blended expertise.” Watch the full video here.

Building Capacity: Strengthening Health Systems
During their plenary session, Tom Frieden, Ian Crozier, Jacob Gayle, Rajesh Panjabi and moderator Steve Davis discussed how the international community can sustainably transform the “Ebola moment” into a global reform agenda. According to the panelists, long-term resiliency is a function of everyday systems — investments in the process and, most importantly, the people that mobilize in times of crisis and contribute to institutional capacity over time and across borders. As Jacob Gayle summarizes, “today Ebola, tomorrow whatever the challenge might be.” Watch the full video here.

Living Philanthropic Values; Maintaining a “Listening Ear”
The adoption of evidence-based practices, enabling technology solutions and increasing data capabilities will drive social change only to the extent these tools advance clearly-defined philanthropic values. During the day’s last plenary session, Kaylee Moniz, Michael Moniz, Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Peggy Dulany and moderator Phil Buchanan highlighted the ways in which community-driven solutions and clear values not only guide today’s leaders but cultivate the Disruptors and Decision-makers of the future. As Carrie Hessler-Radelet, Director at Peace Corps, notes in her concluding remarks, “If you don’t really listen, and if you don’t get down to the community, you might be solving the wrong problem.” Watch the full video here.