Hisham El Rouby

Arab World Regional Director,
Synergos Institute

Mr. Hisham El Rouby is the regional director for the Middle East and North Africa at the Synergos Institute. Also, he is the founder and the chairperson of ETIJAH — Youth and Development Consultancy Institute.

El Rouby is dedicated to helping young Egyptians develop the technical aptitude and the leadership skills to become effective members of society. He believes in the principles of youth empowerment and has actively advocated youth involvement in decision-making processes and practices.

El Rouby has worked with the Near East Foundation in Cairo and the European Union in community and youth development. He has written several manuals and books that have been published by the American University in Cairo, UNICEF and the World Bank on subjects such as volunteer management, youth development, civic education and life skills.

Upon greater involvement and experience with youth across the Middle East, El Rouby founded ETIJAH in 2006. ETIJAH is a center that offers infrastructural, institutional and methodological support for young people as well as for governmental and nongovernmental youth-serving organizations and informal groups.

El Rouby is also a co-founder and the chairperson of Youth Association for Population and Development (YAPD), the first youth organization in Egypt, and now a leading youth organization throughout Egypt.

After conducting a two-year study on the state of volunteerism, or lack thereof, in Egypt, El Rouby founded the Egyptian Volunteer Center (EVC) in 2000 to introduce volunteerism to the development industry by matching young people with volunteer opportunities at organizations and companies. El Rouby also founded the BADER volunteers program in 150 schools all across Egypt in partnership with the Ministry of Education. He works in partnership with employers, civil-society organizations and government officials to disseminate the programs throughout Egypt. Currently, the database has 200,000 volunteers and more than 600 organizations.