Ali Raza Khan

Country Coordinator,
Pakistan National Youth Service/ YES Network Pakistan

Ali Khan is from Lahore, Pakistan, where he earned his BA and Masters Degree in Political Science, with a focus on Development Politics. He is the Founder and Director of Pakistan National Youth Service, and has a lifelong devotion to empower young people in Pakistan to make significant contributions to their own lives and to revitalization of their communities.

He is also the Country Coordinator of YES (Youth Employment Summit), and in this capacity utilizes his wide experience working with youth, and in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing youth development programs in underprivileged rural areas throughout Pakistan. He has conducted over 100 capacity building workshops in the field of leadership development, gender, communication, participatory learning for action, reproductive health, team building, community organizing etc for all segments of population. In addition, he has played a pioneering role in designing and implementing youth service and sexual reproductive health programs for under-served and at-risk youth.

Mr. Khan’s model of working with youth is gaining increasing support internationally. He has won numerous awards and honors, and has frequently been invited by leading education institutions to speak on the subject of youth. He was invited by the United Nations to participate in their High Level Dialogue on Youth in Geneva in 2005, and is currently an Ashoka Fellow.