Annie Lennox

Singer, Songwriter and Activist,
The SING Campaign

One of the finest and most outstanding musical voices of our time, singer, songwriter and campaigner Annie Lennox is celebrated as an innovator, an iconoclast, and a symbol of enduring excellence. She formed Eurythmics in 1979 and released their first album, In the Garden, in 1981, but it was not until the world-wide success of their second album, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, in 1983 that Eurythmics became the musical phenomenon we know today. Eurythmics went on to sell over seventy-five million albums, and achieved over twenty international hits across the world. In 1990 Ms. Lennox released her debut solo album, Diva. Entering the charts at number one in the United Kingdom, the album sold around 6 million copies world wide. Diva included the Top 10 singles “Why,” “Walking On Broken Glass” and “Little Bird.” In 1995 her second album was released, entitled, Medusa. It also debuted at number one, and included the massive single “No More ‘I Love You’s.’” Medusa sold around five million copies. Her third solo album Bare was released in June 2003, which went on to sell approximately two million copies worldwide. In October 2007 Ms. Lennox released her much anticipated album, Songs Of Mass Destruction. Ms. Lennox is also a tireless campaigner on the issue of HIV/AIDS and its impact on women’s and children’s lives. In December 2006, Ms. Lennox invited twenty-three of the world’s most acclaimed female superstar voices to record with her on a song she had written, called “SING,” in order to help to draw attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, especially focusing on South Africa, where women and children are badly affected. The track will support the grassroots organization, Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). In addition to her “SING” campaign, Ms. Lennox is an ambassador for Oxfam, the 46664 Campaign, Amnesty International and Greenpeace.