Apuk Ayuel

Special Assistant to the Head of Missions,
Government of Southern Sudan Mission to the United States

Apuk Ayuel is Special Assistant to the Head of Mission of the Government of Southern Sudan Mission to the United States. Before joining the Mission she served as Sudan Arc Project Coordinator, Kush Inc., a project to create a model for sustainable and peaceful resettlement in Sudan. Ms. Ayuel is currently a Board Member of the National Lost Boys and Girls National Organization, and Member of the Southern Sudanese Women Empowerment Network (SSWEN), a non-profit organization focused on the empowerment of Sudanese women in Sudan and in the Diaspora through programs that encourage women’s rights, education, policy advocacy and organizational development. She is also serving as a core strategy group member of an initiative of My Sister’s Keeper and Interaction Institute for Social Change, called “Sisterhood for Peace: Transforming Sudan,” which is a network of Sudanese, African American and Muslim women working to expand and strengthen the network for change in Sudan and develop a plan for action to maximize women’s involvement in it. Ms. Ayuel is a native of Sudan; her family fled the country in 1994 as a result of the North-South Civil war and came to the United States as refugees in 1996. Ms. Ayuel has worked extensively since then as a Sudanese Diaspora community coordinator and organizer, advocate, and an activist by public speaking, participating in the organization awareness events and conferences, and consulting in organizational development.