Audrey Elster

Raith Foundation

Ms. Audrey Elster has over 25 years senior management experience in the NGO sector in South Africa and internationally. She has been the Director of the RAITH Foundation for the past 7 years.  RAITH is a private South African Foundation working to promote social justice.  RAITH supports a range of initiatives ranging from freedom of expression to anti-corruption initiatives and has established the Social Justice Initiative (SJI), which aims to build local philanthropy for social justice in South Africa.

Prior to working for RAITH, Elster spent 6 years working for the UNFPA in New York and Geneva, providing funding and technical support to a multi-million dollar adolescent SRH programme in four African countries. Elster has led and consulted for both local and international NGOs, has worked for and with a range of different donors and is an experienced NGO Board member.

Elster was educated at Glasgow University, the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and spent a year as a Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health (Centre for Population and Development Studies).