Ayesha Grewal

Managing Director,
Environment Energy and Enterprise Ventures Private Ltd

Ms. Ayesha Grewal is a Co-Founder and a Managing Director of Environment Energy and Enterprise Ventures Plc (e3V), and runs the firm’s operations on a day-to-day basis in India. Ms. Grewal is an architect of and co-manager for the Himalayan Financing Facility and manages the Himalayan Rural Lighting Initiative, working in partnership with a set of rural cooperatives and Farmers’ Federations in India with the objective of building their capacity to intermediate funds and provide loans to members to support the purchase of renewable energy systeMs. Prior to setting-up e3V, Ms. Grewal served as the Program Officer for Finance for Winrock International India where she managed an investment facility that provided long-term, low-cost loans for enterprises harnessing renewable energy for productive use application and provided incubation services for the development of renewable energy ventures. Ms. Grewal also co-managed a project aimed at building the capacity of banks and microfinance institutions to include loans for solar lighting products into their existing portfolios in which she trained over 1,000 bankers in rural areas of southern India. Prior to joining Winrock, Ms. Grewal co-founded a company to assist international financiers to invest capital in start-up ventures in India. She has also worked in litigation-related consulting in the US securities industry with National Economic Research Associates in New York.