Breno Teixeira

Latin American Leadership Academy

Breno Teixeira is a 17-year-old Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) alum from São Paulo, Brazil. He participated in LALA’s first leadership bootcamp in São Paulo, 2017, where he built a strong network of young leaders and social entrepreneurs from Latin America, learnt skills that helped him create innovative initiatives, and transformed himself into a more empathic and purpose-driven young leader. His LALA experience was so transformative that he has
volunteered at four LALA bootcamps to support the organization’s growth and to
help develop other young Latin American leaders.

After his first LALA bootcamp he founded Construindo o Futuro (CF), a movement of teenagers that creates projects in schools and communities around Brazil to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As the CEO of Construindo o Futuro, his mission is to empower those teenagers to become a new generation of conscious, engaged, purposeful adults who will lead Brazil towards sustainable development. CF now has 14 youth ambassadors in six Brazilian states, and is now also starting activities in Bolivia. They have mobilized 121 volunteers to implement 10 sustainable development projects and online activism, ranging from Physics and Mathematics classes in public schools to local awareness about depression and suicide.