Carne Ross

Founder and Executive Director,
Independent Diplomat

Carne Ross is the Founder of Independent Diplomat (ID), a nonprofit diplomatic advisory group. ID provides expert advice in diplomatic strategy to governments, political groups, and NGOs. Independent Diplomat works inside the diplomatic system to ensure that the voices of the people most affected by international decisions are heard in the negotiations about their futures, thereby improving the chance that international agreements—to end conflict or limit climate change—are effective and enduring. ID is currently advising, among others, the Government of Southern Sudan on the complex diplomatic process to establish a new state, and the Marshall Islands and other island states with the most at stake in the climate change negotiations. ID has advised the democratic government-in-exile of Burma and the government of Kosovo as it navigated the process leading to Kosovo’s independence. Mr. Ross is a former senior British diplomat who resigned over the Iraq war.

As a member of the British Foreign Service, Mr. Ross served as principal speechwriter to the British Foreign Secretary, and worked on terrorism, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, including several years as the UK’s Iraq expert at the UN Security Council. Mr. Ross comments frequently in the press on international affairs.