Carol Civita

Victor Civita Foundation

Carol Civita is a philanthropist, committed to strengthening the growing philanthropic sector in Brazil. She is an active supporter of various organizations, enabling them to develop their work, network and partner with others. She has served on various boards and committees for international and Brazilian nonprofits in the fields of health, education, entrepreneurship and the environment. These have included Operation Smile, Lar da Misericórdia, Make-a-Wish, Projeto Gota d’Agua, and Child Fund. She also serves on the board of “Tempo de Mulher,” an organization dedicated to informing and empowering working women from Brazil’s emerging middle class.

A member of the Civita family in Brazil, she learned about philanthropy from the Victor Civita Foundation, her family’s foundation which has contributed to the improvement of teacher quality in Brazil for the past 25 years. Founded in 1985, the foundation aims to both develop and recognize the value of teachers in basic education and strives to work towards a country with sufficient schools, good teachers, incentives for teaching activities and material for pedagogical practices.