Carter Roberts

President and CEO,
World Wildlife Fund-US

Carter Roberts is president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in the United States. WWF works across 100 countries and enjoys the support of 5 million members worldwide.

Since joining WWF in 2004, he has focused the organization’s attention on how to feed the world without destroying the planet. As an expected 9 billion people place increasing demands on a world of finite natural resources, WWF has built partnerships with the 100 biggest companies that influence 15 food commodities ranging from beef to seafood to soy, using certification programs to drive food production that uses less land, energy and water.

In addition, WWF has worked at the opposite end of the spectrum to ensure the rights of local communities to manage their natural resources for their own benefit, pioneering community conservancies in places like Namibia, Mozambique and Nepal that have restored forests, brought back species like tigers and elephants and strengthened governance and income and health for local communities.

During this time frame, Roberts has doubled the size of WWF in the United States, relying on a distributed system of offices, the famous panda logo and membership to tell stories and launch campaigns to mobilize the American public to act in ways that create a more sustainable planet.

Roberts has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Princeton University.