Charles Koch

Charles Koch Foundation

Charles G. Koch is Chairman of the Board and CEO of Koch Industries, Inc., a position he has held since 1967. Since then, the company has been transformed into a dynamic and diverse group of companies employing nearly 130,000 people worldwide, with about 67,000 in the United States, and a presence in 60 countries.

Much of Koch Industries’ success can be traced to Mr. Koch’s interest in and commitment to scientific and social progress, which led to the development and implementation of the Market-Based Management® business philosophy. Mr. Koch has written two books about MBM®, including “Good Profit.” “Good Profit” explains how any organization – including nonprofits – can apply the principles of MBM in a way that enables it to succeed by benefiting society as a whole.

He has continuously supported academic and public policy research (including a number of Nobel Prize winners) for more than 50 years, and has received numerous honors and awards, including three honorary doctorates.

Mr. Koch received a bachelor’s degree in general engineering (1957) and two master’s degrees in nuclear and chemical engineering (1958 and 1959, respectively) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.