Darlington Mandivenga

Econet Services

Darlington Tafara Mandivenga is currently the CEO for Econet Services Limited, a company set up to champion the development and launch of the Econet Group’s innovations across Africa. Prior to this position, he served the group in senior executive positions, including CMO and CEO in markets like Nigeria, Burundi and Kenya. Having joined Econet in 1998, as the first brand manager for the company, Mandivenga was transferred to Nigeria in 2001 as part of the executive team that set up and launched Econet Wireless Nigeria.

Mandivenga understands that the best business is one that reaches out to meet the needs of the people in a way that leaves a mark. This involves studying the problems with a view to offering solutions. In his current role, he leads the development and launch of new products and services, which are disruptive and transformational, reaching out to the previously excluded. He believes that commercialization of relevant innovations is more important than the innovation itself and he stresses that success is in execution; swift, committed and bold execution. Mandivenga holds a masters in Business Administration, a masters in Leadership and Management and a Bachelor of Technology degree.