Driss Alaoui Mdaghri

Professor, Writer and Artist,

Mr. Driss Alaoui Mdaghri is a professor, writer, artist, chairman and member of several boards including ESSEC Global BBA Afrique Atlantique. During his career as a Cabinet member, Mdaghri held several positions such as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Minister of Energy and Mines. He also acted as a spokesman for the Moroccan Government. He is involved in the creation of startups, an active member of the Moroccan civil society, and a columnist and author of several books and poems.

Mdaghri was born in a family of well-known Muslim scholars in Morocco. He previously served as Chief Executive of the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade, a subsidiary organ of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. He has travelled extensively to address economic and social organizations and issues. Mdaghri initiated the “Come To My Home” concept which gathers artists, intellectuals and others throughout the world to create and share experiences that contribute to peace and understanding through creative cultural dialogue. He also initiated The Casablanca Center, a Christian and Muslim Think Tank devoted to faiths dialogue with the US Evangelical Reverend Richard Cizik.