Esther Dyson

Executive Founder,

Esther Dyson is executive founder of Wellville, a 10-year project to show the long-term value, both social and financial, of investing in health.  She believes the best way to persuade people is with facts and data – plus good stories!

Trained as a journalist for the Harvard Crimson and with a BA in economics, Dyson started her serious career as a fact-checker for Forbes Magazine.  Over the years she wrote a monthly newsletter for the tech industry (1982-2006), served as founding chairman of ICANN (1998-2000), served on the board of the Sunlight Foundation fostering government transparency (2007-2016), trained as a cosmonaut in Star City outside Moscow (2008-2009), and became an active angel investor (including 23andMe, Meetup, Omada Health, Yandex and many others).  She sits on the boards of 23andMe and Yandex and, on the nonprofit side, of Open Corporates.