Frank Donaghue

Chief Executive Officer,
Physicians for Human Rights

A. Frank Donaghue is the Chief Executive Officer of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), a national organization that mobilizes health professionals to advance the health and dignity of all people through action that promotes respect for, protection of and the fulfillment of human rights. With more than three decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, Mr. Donaghue has a distinguished track record in humanitarian service, fundraising and nonprofit management. For the majority of his career, he worked for the American Red Cross in a variety of capacities, serving as President and CEO of the Red Cross in Philadelphia, Vice President of both Development and Corporate Communications for the National Red Cross and as chief spokesperson in response to both national and international disasters and conflicts. In his international work, Mr. Donaghue developed HIV education programs for youth in Romania, Grenada, Ghana and Bosnia. He also participated in a mass vaccination campaign in West Africa to help eliminate measles from the African continent by 2010. Mr. Donaghue’s background in international humanitarian work gives him a unique perspective on the relationship between humanitarian response and human rights advocacy during major international crises affecting populations. Mr. Donaghue leads the organization whose current activities include campaigning to protect victims of genocide and documenting sexual violence in Darfur, responding to reduce alarming rates of maternal mortality globally, investigating lack of healthcare in Zimbabwe and northern Uganda and mobilizing to promote women’s rights in the context of the AIDS pandemic.