Inderjit Khurana

Ruchika Social Service Organization

Inderjit Khurana is known as the founder and guiding spirit of the Train Platform School Movement in India. As founder & principal of the private school, the Ruchika Primary School in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India, Mr. Khurana began paying special attention to children who lived and worked on the platforms of the Bhubaneswar railway station. The Ruchika Social Service Organization, a grantee partner of the Global Fund for Children since 1998, has 117 centers of non-formal education which includes: 6 creches, 20 pre-schools, a shelter for destitute children, a vocational training center, 6 street education centers, 12 train platform schools, and a medical and nutritional program. Before founding the Ruchika Social Service Organization, Mrs. Kurana worked with children for over twenty-five years. Ms. Khurana earned a BA from Isabella Thobure College, in Lucknow as well as a diploma in early childhood and primary education. She later assisted Mother Teresa for a year in her work with destitute children, and is also an honorary Ashoka fellow.