Javier Flores

Director, Strategy and External Affairs,
Grupo Ciudad Saludable

As Director of Strategy and External Affairs, Javier Flores is responsible for the international expansion of Grupo Ciudad Saludable (GCS), a social enterprise based in Peru. GCS works alongside the public and private sectors in Latin America and South Asia to implement an inclusive model of integrated solid waste management that incorporates informal waste collectors into municipal waste management systems. Its model focuses on three key areas: (1) organizing recyclers and promoting their inclusion in municipal waste plans, (2) influencing public policy and (3) engaging public and private entities in waste management and scalability of the model. GCS has organized over 11,500 waste collectors creating employment and improving health and living conditions for over 9 million people in rural and poor urban regions in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and India.

Grupo Ciudad Saludable has received international recognition by Ashoka, Avina, Schwab Foundation and Skoll Foundation. For its environmental impact, GCS received the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment, Global Development Network Award, Bravo Latin Trade Award, Globe Energy Award, Global Fairness Initiative Award, and Prince Albert Medal.