Jeremy Woodrum

Co-founder and Director,
U.S. Campaign for Burma

Jeremy Woodrum is the Co-founder and Director of the U.S. Campaign for Burma. He is leading the global effort to end ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity in eastern Burma, where over 3,000 villages have been destroyed in a scorched earth war on civilians by the ruling military regime that has forced over 1.5 million people to flee their homes. He has organized Congressional and Hollywood delegations to refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border, led a nationwide boycott effort that resulted in forty-five companies cutting ties to Burma’s military regime, was a driving force behind the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act, and helped spearhead an effort to place Burma on the permanent agenda of the UN Security Council. He also led a cutting-edge effort to provide a multi-million dollar humanitarian assistance package to ethnic villages internally displaced in eastern Burma—one of the first programs addressing an internal refugee crisis under a military regime. He has been nominated for the Reebok Human Rights Award.