Jonah Wittkamper

Nexus / Healthy Democracy Coalition

Jonah Wittkamper is Co-Founder and President of NEXUS and Founder of the Healthy Democracy Coalition.  NEXUS is a global movement of over 4000 young people from 70 countries dedicated to bridging communities of wealth and impact. The Healthy Democracy Coalition is a US national network of philanthropists and allies dedicated to cross partisan philanthropic learning and collaboration. Both networks involve people from many of world’s most philanthropic families. In 2018, Jonah also created the Global Governance Philanthropy Network. In March of 2014, Jonah led the effort to convene the first White House Conference on Next Generation Philanthropy.

Prior to co-founding NEXUS, Jonah served as the US Director of Search for Common Ground and was part of Distributive Networks Inc., where he helped to build the text messaging technology used by the 2008 Obama campaign. In 2000, Jonah co-founded the Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) to strengthen youth participation in global decision-making. As the organization grew it merged with TakingITGlobal to form the largest site on the internet dedicated to empowering young leaders, receiving two million hits per day.

Earlier in his career, Jonah led an award winning student computing organization, founded two internet startups, and created a corporate social responsibility initiative in one of the world’s largest corporations. He has served as a Co-Founder, board member, or advisor to a number of organizations including Pioneers of Change, the ManyOne Foundation, the L. A. Jonas Foundation, the Millennial Action Project, the Shift Foundation, WISE (Wealthy Individuals – Social Entrepreneurs), and many others. He is an alumnus of Williams College and Camp Rising Sun.