José Marcelo Zacchi

Secretary General,

José Marcelo Zacchi is secretary general of GIFE and general coordinator of Pacto pela Democracia in Brazil.

Bachelor in Law from the University of São Paulo and Master in Public Administration from Harvard University.

He was director of Instituto Pereira Passos (IPP), of the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, and founder, executive director and board member of Casa FluminenseFórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública and Instituto Sou da Paz, all of them, civil society organizations working in the Brazilian public arena. He was also special advisor to the State Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights of Rio de Janeiro and advisor and chief of staff of the National Secretariat of Public Security of the Ministry of Justice, in previous works in the public sector, and research associate at Instituto de Estudos do Trabalho e Sociedade (IETS).

Throughout these activities, he also served as a consultant to UN-HABITAT, to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to the World Bank and various other public and private organizations acting in social, urban and cultural projects in Brazil and Latin America, and collaborated with various publications and internet and TV projects.