Ka Hsaw Wa

Co-founder and Executive Director,
EarthRights International

Ka Hsaw Wa, the co-founder and executive director of EarthRights International (ERI), is a member of the Karen ethnic nationality of Burma. He was one of the student leaders in the 1988 nationwide student uprising for democracy and freedom, and has been a human rights activist since he fled Burma in 1988. As well as managing and directing the overall operations of EarthRights International, Mr. Ka Hsaw Wa coordinates a grassroots field staff that has successfully documented human rights and environmental abuses within Burma. The evidence collected has served as a cornerstone in the groundbreaking lawsuit against Unocal and in the decision of the International Labor Organization to pressure Burma’s brutal regime. Mr. Ka Hsaw Wa has been awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, Reebok Human Rights Award, Whitley Fund for Nature/Sting and Trudie Styler Award for Human Rights and the Environment, and the Conde Nast Environmental Award for his work in defense of human rights and the environment.