Karen Edwards

Co-Founder and CEO,

Karen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Soap, a non-profit dedicated to solving information overload and mistrust by connecting users with quality sources online. Soap’s mission is to help people—especially young adults—make sense of today’s issues so they are empowered to make informed choices for their future.

In early 2017, Karen and her co-founder looked at best practices of established information trust models, with the goal of excluding bad actors upfront. Today, the Soap AI platform connects consumers and thought-leaders with over 50,000 human-vetted sources. Designed with digital natives in mind, Soap draws users toward a “Path of Contextual Thinking” exposing them to a broad spectrum of perspectives, so they form their own point of view.

Throughout her career, Karen, has focused on how people consume information.  She co-founded Common Sense Media, now serving over 100MM users and 40% of schools. As the 17th employee at Yahoo, she headed marketing for six years, building Yahoo as one of the fastest-growing global brands ever. Currently, she serves on the board of The Institute for the Future and KQED. She earned her MBA from Harvard, and a BA in Communications from Stanford.