Lashon Amado

National Coordinator of Community Action Teams,
Opportunity Youth United

Lashon Amado is the National Coordinator of Community Action Teams for Opportunity Youth United, a national grassroots movement of opportunity youth and their adult allies seeking to alleviate poverty in their community through civic engagement.

After being “pushed out” of high school, Lashon received a second-chance to get back on track by attending his local YouthBuild program. After completing the program, Lashon went on to receive his master’s degree from Northeastern University. He is now an emerging social entrepreneur, with a vision to empower young people across the globe to be change agents in their community.

Amado is also the founder of an international project, Projecto Mas Um Chance (Project One More Chance), an emerging social enterprise seeking to address the youth unemployment crisis in Cabo Verde, an archipelago on the west coast of Africa. After volunteering for many years providing ESL instruction at a local NGO in Cabo Verde, he decided he wanted to do more. He is now working with government leaders there to develop a successful strategy for the project.