Leslee Udwin

Founder and CEO,
Think Equal

Leslee Udwin is a British filmmaker, producer and director, and CEO of Think Equal. She was named the second most Impactful Woman of 2015 by The New York Times, Hillary Clinton was number one. She was awarded the prestigious Swedish Anna Lindh Human Rights Prize, previously won by Madeleine Albright, and was named Safe’s Global Hero of 2015, Global Thinker by Foreign Policy. She also won the Best Producer Award – Women in Film and Television – for her ground-breaking documentary “India’s Daughter,” which won 28 international awards including the Peabody Award in 2016.

As a Human Rights Campaigner, Udwin is no stranger to successfully campaigning films. Her productions include the drama “Who Bombed Birmingham?” starring John Hurt for HBO and Granada TV, which directly led to the release of the ‘Birmingham Six’ after 17 years of wrongful imprisonment. Her feature films for her production company Assassin Films include “East is East”  which was awarded upward of 35 other prestigious awards worldwide including a BAFTA for Best Film, and the London Critics’ Circle Producer of the Year Award, “West is West” (BBC Films), “The One and Only” (Pathe Pictures) and “Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution” (Warner Bros).

Udwins’s first documentary feature, and her debut as a director, multi-award winning “India’s Daughter” has been critically acclaimed around the globe, provoked a global discussion about gender equality and violation of the rights of women and girls. The film sparked a global movement to end violence against women and girls.

The perspective and insights yielded by the two-and-a-half year journey while making “India’s Daughter” led her to establish Think Equal, a UK and US based NGO. Its imitative aims to bring the missing third dimension to global education: social and emotional learning in values, respect, empathy, on a compulsory basis and from the first day of a child’s journey at school. Currently, Udwin is advising the United Nations Human Rights Office on this global mission to break the cycle of violence.