Leyth Zniber

Impact Lab

Mr. Leyth Zniber is the founder of Impact Lab, an accelerator for high social and environmental impact innovation and entrepreneurship in Morocco and the region. Through education, incubation/acceleration and open innovation programs and an investment company, Zniber works with innovative entrepreneurs and organizations wishing to establish internal innovation and entrepreneurial dynamics.

After graduating from the Stern School of Business of NYU, Zniber began his career at Deloitte Consulting in New York. Specializing in governance and reorganization, he participated in then led governance projects for multinationals. After a short entrepreneurial adventure in Beijing, Zniber returns to Morocco to join then head Diana Holding (DH), an agro-industrial conglomerate and 7th Moroccan private group. It is during his seven years tenure at DH that Zniber discovers the great potential of an integrated socio-economic approach to business. Motivated by this new vision, Zniber leaves DH in 2013 to create Eiréné4Impact, the origin of Impact Lab, and dedicate himself to inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation.

Today Impact Lab partners with NUMA, a leading European accelerator, to develop impact entrepreneurship and innovation throughout NUMA’s network and grow its activity in North and Western Africa.
Zniber is also, among other things, a co-founder and board member of Les Citoyens, a movement for inclusive development in Morocco and Africa.