Linda Biehl

Amy Biehl Foundation

Over the past nine years, Linda Biehl has taken her management skills from the fashion industry to two foundations that focus on restorative justice, reconciliation and micro-enterprise development in South Africa. The sudden death of her daughter Amy in 1993 was the impetus for Linda and her late husband Peter to turn a tragedy into a new life purpose. Amy Biehl was a 26- year-old Stanford graduate and Fulbright scholar working in South Africa to empower women and prepare disenfranchised voters for the historic election that ended Apartheid when she was suddenly stoned and stabbed to death by local youth. The Biehls were so motivated by Amy’s belief that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) would achieve restorative justice that, in 1997, they testified before the TRC. Today, two of the young men who killed Amy are employed by The Biehl Foundation in Cape Town.