Liza Kimbo

Sustainable Healthcare Foundation

Liza is the Director of Sustainable Healthcare Foundation, which owns and runs the CFWshop’s franchise outlets in Nairobi, Kenya. She specializes in Health Services Management and holds master’s degrees in Health Systems Management (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 2005), and Business Administration (USIU, 1994) and a bachelor’s degree in Finance (University of Connecticut, 1989). She has experience as a bank financial analyst, financial and strategic planning manager having served six years in senior management at Standard Chartered Bank in Nairobi. She subsequently set up a private retail pharmaceutical distribution chain with four company-owned and seven contract-managed pharmacies. Liza then worked with HealthStore Foundation to establish the Sustainable Healthcare Foundation managing the innovative CFWshop’s health franchise network, which currently operates 68 health outlets serving over 450,000 clients per year. In 2007 Liza joined AED (Academy for Educational Development) to run their Regional Office based in Nairobi, and continues to be a strong advocate for the use of franchising in healthcare and general development initiatives.