Maggie Kamau

Communications Director,
International Child Resource Institute

Maggie Kamau is the Communications Director of the International Child Resource Institute (ICRI), which is headquarted in Berkeley, California, with offices in Nepal, Chile, Sweden, Ghana, and Kenya. Ms. Kamau, a native of Kenya, has played an active role in consulting and advising multiple international organizations working in Africa, as well as advising donors interested in funding Africa prograMs. Ms. Kamau sits on the Board of Project Baobab, an organization that provides opportunities for marginalized youth in Kenya through vocational and life-skills training. She also advises the Clarence Foundation, a US-based foundation that promotes international grant making and engaged philanthropy. She is committed to issues affecting children, youth, and women, and is actively involved in promoting those issues. As a strong proponent of grassroots approach to development and sustainability, Ms. Kamau also provides training on cross-cultural communication to individuals, groups, and organizations interested in working with grassroots organizations in developing countries. Ms. Kamau is a passionate advocate for education and has co-founded an education fund, Africawired Education Fund (AWEF), to assist disadvantaged children and girls in Kenya to attend and complete their education. She holds a Masters in Public Administration, a certificate in Nonprofit Management, and a BA in Education. After more than 10 years of living and working in the US, Maggie will be relocating to Kenya in 2005, to run the ICRI-Africa office. ICRI-Africa will focus on building local leadership through providing capacity building and technical assistance to Community and Faith Based Organizations working in Kenya and in Eastern Africa.