Mary Fitzgerald


Mary Fitzgerald is Editor-in-Chief of openDemocracy, the global non-profit news website that seeks to challenge power, inspire change and encourage democratic debate across the world.

openDemocracy’s recent investigations into the ‘dark money’ that funded the Brexit campaign have triggered law change and multiple criminal investigations, and have fed into ongoing lawmaker inquiries on both sides of the Atlantic. openDemocracy’s global team has also exposed how data is manipulated and misused to target voters online with misinformation and divisive, polarizing rhetoric, from Venezuela to Hungary. Their work has exposed many challenges to democracy in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, but it also profiles and pioneers solutions to these challenges.

In addition to reporting, openDemocracy trains and mentors journalists, partners with other media, educators, activists, NGOs and policy institutions across the globe, and brings together innovative thinkers and change-makers to try and solve some of the world’s most entrenched problems. publishes in Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese as well as English, and  has an open submissions policy committed to diversity of voice and perspective.

Prior to joining openDemocracy in 2014, Mary worked at Avaaz, the global campaigning organization, on campaigns to protect human rights and enhance democracy across Europe, Africa and Asia. Before that, she was a Senior Editor of Prospect Magazine, a London-based political and cultural monthly magazine. She has served as a trustee for the human rights charity Reprieve, and on the editorial code committee of Impress, the UK press regulator. In addition to openDemocracy, her writing has appeared in the Guardian, Al Jazeera, New Statesman and others.