Mike Estee


Mike Estee is the CTO of OtherFab, a hardware startup based in San Francisco working on delivering the promise of personal digital manufacturing to the public at large. Estee brings his 16 years of experience working on consumer facing desktop application software towards the goal of making machines easier to use, and easier to understand.


In addition to extensive software experience, including 9 years at Apple, Estee has a deep passion for the intersection of the arts and technology. This has led him down many unusual paths. He has designed specialized circus equipment for a traveling aerial theater company where he served as Technical Director. Implemented wireless control systems for six-legged inflatable robots. Lead the manufacturing process for a tornado of edge lit aluminum cubes called “Syzygryd” and occasionally serves as a pipe organ mechanic.


At OtherFab, Estee is working on building tools to let more people create their world around them.