Natty B. Davis

Minister of State Without Portfolio,
Government of Liberia

Honorable Natty B. Davis is the minister of state without portfolio for the government of Liberia and serves as a senior advisor to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on a range of issues particularly related to the country’s economic management. Previously, Minister Davis also served as the national coordinator of the Liberia Reconstruction and Development Committee (LRDC) Secretariat for the government of Liberia. In this role, Minister Davis was the lead government official charged with donor coordination and was responsible for coordinating the implementation of Liberia’s first Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS).

Minister Davis has a range of experience working both for the government of Liberia and in the private sector. In the early 1990s, he served as a deputy minister of commerce as well as the coordinator of the Ministry of Finance’s Economic Financial Management Committee. Minister Davis has worked extensively on a variety of HIV/AIDS-related projects in Botswana.

His consulting experience includes projects such as undertaking a national survey of educational and health providers; conducting a national training needs assessment; as well as an assessment of micro-enterprise programs in Liberia.