Paul Mbugua

Managing Director,
Eclectics international

Mr. Paul Mbugua is a well-known African banking and information and communications technology (ICT) professional with strengths in business process reengineering, project management and innovation. He has been instrumental in implementing critical automation projects for many banks across Africa. Mbugua worked for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) as part of the initial business process reengineering team that assisted SCB centralize and introduce digital channels. Later, he joined Loita group, a fintech organization, to design, implement and manage the Kenswitch ATM network.

Mbugua founded Eclectics International Ltd. to provide affordable, locally made and supported banking automation ICT solutions. Within six years the company has had more than 200 youthful ICT employees and more than 200 bank clients across 23 countries.

Through low-cost, wide-reaching, and the latest ICT technologies – mobile wallets and device agnostic agency banking – Eclectics has introduced profitable financial inclusion projects that reach the unbanked across Africa. As a result, banks and financial institutions have doubled and tripled their number of customers and profitability within record times.

Mbugua has also been instrumental in sensitizing banks to the design of customer-centric solutions that yield increased turnaround times and efficiency.

Mbugua holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Nairobi, a Master of Science in Computer Science and an Master of Science in management information systems from the American Institute of Computers Science (AICS).