Paulo Gomes

Paulo Gomes and Partners

Mr. Paulo Gomes is a global business leader, active environmentalist and a key political actor in Guinea Bissau. His constant search for how to reposition the country and help it become stable and prosperous is what led him to initiate the Bissau Economic Forum, now in its second edition. The forum is a bi-annual discussion and investment forum on cooperation and the economic transformation of Guinea Bissau. Stakeholders from civil society, private sector and the government are present in order to attract foreign investment and create jobs.

In addition to Gomes’ acute knowledge of the African politics and policies developed through his political engagement, support to several governments and as an executive director of the World Bank, Gomes founded Paulo Gomes and Partners. Paulo Gomes and Partners is a strategic advisory and investment firm focused on providing advice and tailor-made solutions to a high-level, limited set and sectors of clients. Gomes has a strong network of alliances with private equity and sovereign funds as well as family offices. Paulo Gomes and Partners is the natural outcome of Gomes’ established expertise in advising governments and businesses on strategic investments, as well as serving on boards of firms such as AFIG Funds, ASKY Airlines and Ecobank. As founder of the South East Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Advisory Board, Gomes’ business touches all continents and interests. Gomes is also a senior advisor to PIL Group.

Yet, for Gomes, business cannot be at the expense of human development and the environment. Through his engagement with organizations such as the Green Climate Fund, the Bio Guiné Foundation, and as a contributor to the African Green Revolution Forum, he has demonstrated global leadership on environmental protection. In Guinea Bissau, Gomes is joining the conversation to hopefully create an experimental center that brings together island communities, national and foreign researchers around training and creating green jobs in the protected Bijagós islands.