Philip Berber

Chairman ,
A Glimmer of Hope

After graduating from University College of Dublin in 1979, Philip Berber moved to London and worked in the marketing departments of several American corporations before forming his first high-tech startup, Financia, in 1988. In 1995, he moved with his family to Austin and formed CyBerCorp, an online trading firm which was acquired by Charles Schwab for $488 million in March 2000. That same year, Philip was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Austin; he was also a finalist of the national Entrepreneur of the Year award. After retiring from business in March 2001, he joined his wife Donna at their family foundation, A Glimmer of Hope, and began working to provide humanitarian aid in Ethiopia and support to at-risk and disadvantaged youth in London and Austin. Mr. Berber’s ideas and plans for a new model of philanthropy and international aid have helped make A Glimmer of Hope one of the most effective approaches to private assistance in the world today.