Sandor Léderer

Co-Founder and Director,

Sandor Léderer is the Co-Founder and Director of K-Monitor, a non-profit public funds watchdog based in Budapest, Hungary. K-Monitor was founded to improve the levels of transparency, accountability and the rule of law in Hungary. Civic participation and technology-driven solutions are among the organizations key instruments.

Beside K-Monitor’s tech focus, the organization is also active in anti-corruption advocacy and research. Sandor was contributing to the European Commission’s Anti-Corruption Report as the Local Research Country Correspondent for Hungary. He is an expert in topics such as Freedom of Information, Whistleblowing, Political Finance and Public Procurement. In a recent project he worked on a tool that monitors public procurement documents through algorithms. Sandor is also active in projects on new forms of citizens’ participation and local open governance.

Sandor is a European Young Leader at Friends of Europe, a GMF alumni and an Obama Fellow. He is a member of the International Advisory Board of the ePanstwo Foundation (Poland) and represents K-Monitor in the board of the TransparenCEE Network.