Susan Burns

Managing Director,
Global Footprint Network

Susan Burns leads the overall strategic direction of Global Footprint Network, an international non-profit organization dedicated to making ecological limits central to decision-making everywhere. By developing methodological standards, coordinating research and providing decision-makers with robust national resource accounts, Global Footprint Network is helping the human economy operate within the Earth’s ecological capacity. Prior to launching Global Footprint Network, Ms. Burns founded the pioneering sustainability consulting firm, Natural Strategies. She has over 18 years of experience working with more than 50 corporations and other organizations on a variety of sustainability-related issues including product design, consensus building, management systems, business strategy, forest policy and stakeholder communications.

Ms. Burns is also an expert in the application of The Natural Step framework for sustainability and led the development of the screening methodology for Portfolio 21, the U.S.’s first mutual fund dedicated to environmental sustainability. She has spoken widely on the subject of sustainability, corporate responsibility and strategic environmental management, and has been a keynote or featured speaker at over 100 national and international events. Ms. Burns holds a BS in environmental engineering.