Tatiana Elizabeth Mejía Elías


Tatiana was born on March 15, 2001 in El Salvador. In 2015, her family attempted to migrate to the United States, but when they arrived in Mexico they were intercepted by immigration agents and then returned to their country. As the threatening situation in El Salvador persisted, Tatiana’s family constantly had to mobilize, once from a municipality and several times from their community. 4 months after their return, ISNA (El Salvador’s Institute for Integral Development for Children and Adolescents) incorporated them into one of its programs. Tatiana started receiving a lot of humanitarian aid and psychological attention, which helped her overcome the trauma of the trip to the United States.

 With the support of CANAF (Center for Attention to Returned Girls, Boys and Adolescents), Tatiana realized her life plan: to continue with her studies and implement a business project. She participated in the ISNA national contest and won second place by writing an essay on the prevention of social violence and femicides. She is an Activate Por El Salvador scholarship holder. Tatiana aims to study at a university, solidly establish her business, support her family, and be an agent of change in El Salvador.