Trevor Tomkins

President and Founder,
venture | dairy

Dr. Trevor Tomkins was CEO of Milk Specialties Global until the company was sold in 2011. He then founded venture | dairy as part of his passion for the dairy industry and wish to make a long-lasting contribution to developing communities around the world.

Tomkins earned his PhD in agriculture from the University of Reading in England and since then has been integrally involved in the worldwide dairy industry. During his 12-year tenure as CEO of Milk Specialties Global, Tomkins oversaw the growth of the company to becoming one of the major independent players in the US Dairy Industry.

Tomkins has extensive scientific experience including authoring many papers on animal nutrition. He served on the National Research Council Subcommittee which authored the 2001 Nutrient Requirements for Dairy Cattle. Tomkins served as chairman of the Board of Trustees of Heifer International Foundation and on the boards of Heifer International and I-Feeder (the Institute for Feed Education and Research). Currently, he is serving on the board of Women Thrive Worldwide. Through his experience in dairy, business and development, Tomkins believes strongly in enterprise-based sustainable development as the only way to really build strong economies. Tomkins has lived and worked in Europe and Africa and has travelled extensively in Asia.