Valeria Budinich

Vice-President leading Full Economic Citizenship Initiative,

Valeria Budinich has worked for 20 years in the creation and expansion of business development programs in 22 countries worldwide. At Ashoka, as the Vice-President leading the Full Economic Citizenship Initiative, Valeria focuses on enabling commercial alliances between social entrepreneurs and private companies to deliver products and services to small producers and low-income families. From 1986-1996 Ms. Budinich worked as COO for EnterpriseWorks (formerly Appropriate Technology International (ATI), a global non-profit foundation specializing in providing technical and financial assistance to small and medium sized enterprises in rural areas. From 1997-1998 she served as founding Vice-President for Latin America at Endeavor, a foundation specialized in linking entrepreneurs in emerging economies with venture capital investors in the US. She launched Endeavor’s first field operations in Chile and was part of the core team that designed Endeavor’s search and selection process to identify high yield investment opportunities. From 1999 to 2001 Ms. Budinich served as VP for New Initiatives at BDA, a California-based consulting firm specializing in business process redesign and technology innovations for private sector clients worldwide. At BDA, Valeria developed innovative services for small and medium scale entrepreneurs and launched the first seed capital fund in Chile financing exclusively enterprises at the start-up level. Since 1995, Valeria has also worked as an advisor to groups like Woman’s World Banking, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and UNIFEM.