Xian Zhou


Xian Zhou has broad business knowledge from her previous occupations and experience from starting two successful companies. Leveraging these business skills since 2008, Zhou has devoted her full time, heart and soul in developing a new field in China. With her team, she founded Buy42.com, China’s first online charity shop. Buy42.com combines the concepts of e-commerce and charity together, into a new and innovative model where each person could donate their unused items for Buy42.com to resell. It is committed to facilitating charity fundraising for NGOs and grass-root volunteer organizations across the greater China. The revenue generated is used to support training and employment programs for over 8 billion disabled people in China. Its goal is to become an online destination for charity shopping, volunteer socializing and philanthropy information sharing in China.

Zhou has obtained her MBA and MSC in public service policy at the King’s College London University. Her experience shopping in charity shops or second-hand shops while studying in the UK is what inspired this project.