Zahra’ Langhi

Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace

Zahra’ Langhi is a gender specialist, civil society strategist and political activist advocating for peace, human rights and women’s leadership. She is also a scholar and researcher in the field of Middle Eastern history, metaphysics, mysticism and female spirituality in comparative religions.

Langhi is the co-founder of Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace (LWPP), a pressure group/movement advocating for women’s socio-political empowerment and peace-building. In conjunction with UNWomen and Karama, a movement to end violence against women, she coordinated the Libyan Women’s Political Empowerment (LWPE) program, aimed at empowering women to become active participants and leaders of political, economic and social reforms. The LWPE program also works to ensure that gender equality and women’s rights are fully integrated in democratic transition, including in governance processes, legislation and policies. Langhi led LWPP’s initiative of lobbying for the introduction of the zipper list (alternation of males and females in political parties) in the election law, which has secured 17.5 of the seats in the National Congress.

Langhi also co-produced and presented a TV program on the elections of the National Congress and the democratic transition in Libya.